• Environmental Response/Cleanup
  • Salvage
  • Commercial Diving
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Offshore Survival
  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Aquaculture
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Crew and Business Management
  • First Aid
  • Sailing (cruising and racing)
  • Luxury Motor Yachts (operating and managing)
  • …etc.

Meet the Team


Zack Green

Founder & CEO

Zack Green has worked on the ocean in many aspects. His family owned a mussel farm on Nova Scotia’s South Shore where as a teenager he discovered his strong work ethic. At the age of 16 started scuba diving and his love of the oceans since has taken him to every corner of the planet. He later headed south and worked on private yachts, both sailing and motor. With loads of sea time, he moved from swabby to Captain and with his 3000 ton Master of All Oceans license he has traveled the world on boats.

He’s now a family man and has settled back in Nova Scotia where he owns and operates Mahone Marine, a busy boat dealership on the South Shore. He loves a good challenge. Zack has a keen interest in all things marine.

Tony Sampson

Captain / Salvage Master

Oh my gosh, where hasn’t Tony traveled? He has been to sea for decades but has washed ashore on Nova Scotia’s South Shore where he lives with his wife and daughter. Originally from England and New Zealand, Tony has taught diving all around the world from the top of the Orkney Islands in Scotland to the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand and many places in between.  Tony has been both cast and crew on every season to date of the popular TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. Tony has a passion for the ocean and treasure hunting that has lead him on many adventures.  Tony is a commercial diver, current serving paramedic as well as an offshore survival instructor for the oil and gas industry. He also owns and operates ‘Salty Dog Sea Tours’, an ocean-side, guided tour company showcasing Oak Island.

Al Munroe

Business Development

Al Munroe has over 50 years of marine and defense experience on all three coasts of Canada and abroad. He has commanded 5 of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships including the East Coast Flagship to the Admiral and Fleet Commander.  He is a Navigator by profession and has been Superintendent of Hydrographic Services for National Defence with extensive experience in Navigation, Hydrography and Geomatics and related air and marine data provision and production to the Navy, Coast Guard, DOT and RCMP/Maritime Air Fleets. Al has significant experience in underwater survey and diving operations and is a seasoned Trainer and Instructor.  He was also Director of Operational Test and Evaluation for the Navy which included Modeling and Simulations and Concept Development and Experimentation.

We have an impressive team… read more to find out why.

Al has a large maritime network in Government and Industry has been both a Defence and Marine Consultant for many years for several Atlantic Canada companies including Nova Scotia Community College. He is a Project Management Professional who holds several Graduate degrees and is a member of ACADA, RUSI, OCTNS and COVE.

Additionally, in his spare time, you will find him cruising off-shore in his own boat!

Ken deBoer


Aside from being on or in the water, Ken’s lifelong interest has been electronics. Starting with Ryerson University then retiring after 34 successful years as a Systems Technologist with Motorola Solutions, Ken has used his extensive technical and electronic expertise to engineer and build several submersible ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). The first prototype of “Little Buzz” began on his dining room table in 1988. Ken can often be found in his workshop, writing code, or milling something for the latest piece of underwater hardware, or doing field trials with his latest innovation in ROV technology. In addition, as an SSI certified Master SCUBA diver who started diving in the early 1980’s, Ken knows the importance of safety and experience when it comes to in-shore marine.  

‘Every great team needs a Techy’

John Cooney

Fleet Engineer

Many years sailing as Chief Engineer on various types of vessels. Most recently on Dyn-Pos Dive Support, pipe-lay, heavy lift, oil field support vessels.

Worked in shore side ship-management, as Technical Super, ensuring economic & reliable operation, through planned maintenance and budgeted dry-dockings.

Served as Owners Rep through three new builds and spent some years as a Class Surveyor.

Happiest sailing around Mahone Bay.

Allison Nelder


Allison grew up in a boat building family and just can’t get away from her first passion – boating. She is our customer service manager. Her thorough knowledge of our products make her a valuable part of our sales team. Also, she’s bilingual!

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